Sunday, February 26, 2006

Peperoni Pizzeria

C says:

We finally tried Peperoni Pizzeria today, a pizza joint at Greenwood which is part of the Les Amis empire. Thankfully it doesn’t feel all that ponce-y; it’s just a simple family restaurant serving pizzas baked in an old-fashioned wood-fired pizza oven.

A and I shared a starter and a medium (9 inch) pizza. Our starter could have been a main on its own – a huge Portobello mushroom covered with seasoned breadcrumbs and deep fried, with chicken and rocket leaves. This was good, although I found the breadcrumb batter a tad salty.

We had the Pancetta pizza, which was tomato sauce, mozzarella, pancetta ham (basically bacon roll), diced tomatoes and a soft sunny-side up egg. The pizza was wonderful mainly because of its simplicity – the crust was wonderfully thin and crisp, and there was nothing to interfere with the simple ingredients. I can safely say that we’ll be going back to this place a lot more in future.

A says:

I think this place has overtaken Valentino’s as my choice for pizza. Valentino’s gives you hearty pizza with intoxicating flavour, while the clean, quality fare at Peperoni is just plain satisfying for simple folk like me.

Also, you get paper tablecloth you can draw on! Some of the art left behind not bad, siah! One funny thing i noticed was that the name and logo say "Peperoni", yet the shade outside says "Pepperoni".

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Anonymous said...

I had lunch at Pep(p?)eroni the other day and the service was TERRIBLE. They made me feel as if I was an underdressed slob (which I was, of course, but I didn't need to be told!). I'm not going back. The 21-inch pizza was quite a sight, though.