Monday, February 27, 2006


C says:

I’ve been on some sort of beef research recently, which started with the steaks that we got from The Butcher for Valentine’s Day. Since then I’ve tried the beef stall at Ghim Moh market, and today Swiss Butchery was supposed to be the last stop in my experiment. I got 2 rib-eye steaks, 200g each, and seared them in a pan for dinner tonite, with mushroom pasta and a mushroom cream sauce for dipping the steak (I strongly believe that steaks should not be smothered with sauces. Sauces for steaks should always be served on the side).

The meat was very sweet, but somehow it still didn’t have the super-fine texture of the steaks from The Butcher. Then… I realized that The Butcher’s steaks that we got that day were possibly NOT rib-eyes. A quick check of their website revealed the most ridiculous thing – they have Beef Rib Fillet Steak, and Beef Eye Fillet Steak. Argh! So which is the rib-eye and which is the fillet?! Based on the website photos and the prices, the steaks we got were the Eye Fillet Steak and looked suspiciously like fillet steak, and the picture of the Rib Fillet Steak looked a lot more like regular rib-eyes.

Sigh… so my experiment is flawed because I’ve been comparing the wrong cuts of meat. Which means that, after a couple of weeks of detoxing with fish and white meats, I’ll have to visit Swiss Butchery yet again, to try the quality of their fillet steaks.


A says:

Maybe should get litmus paper and test acidity/alkalinity of meat. Haha. At least I get another treat and eat more meat.


Anonymous said...

Two words about beef: Angus House. Nothing else quite compares.

Anonymous said...

Not even Morton's?

Anonymous said...

If you are feeling expensive, go to Isetan at Shaw Center and buy the Wagyu beef steaks. Be prepared to pay about $80 for a 200g steak. Nothing can beat that!

Anonymous said...

I noticed that A never says much. C's the talkative one. Sorry, this is not relevant in the least but if you know me, it's typical.

Anonymous said...

Morton's is an interesting dining experience but the steaks are just so-so considering the price you pay. Certainly, it's worth going there once in your life just to feel the real steakhouse ambience but Angus House is the only place you'll go to again and again.