Friday, February 17, 2006


C says:

We went to Naxos tonight, a Greek restaurant along China Square Central. Whenever I walk along that stretch of restaurants at lunchtime, Naxos always looks quite forlorn, with just 1 or 2 tables occupied. Fortunately it comes slightly more alive in the evenings, and the place was about 3/4 full tonight.

The tortillas we were served as a bread course came with 3 dips - a standard olive oil and balsamic vinegar one, one with chopped capsicums, and the best one by far was the salsa which had fresh chopped tomatoes subtly flavoured with garlic.

We shared a few tapas and a main course. The tapas were:
- Fried chicken with garlic: Boneless chicken thigh pieces and sliced garlic with a delicate sauce
- Grilled fresh tuna with avocado sauce: Tuna cubes skewered and topped with a creamy avocado sauce. This was amazing. The tuna was still pink in the center and the avocado sauce complemented it perfectly.
- Pork rolled with crabmeat and mushroom: This was tasty but not spectacular, especially compared to the tuna.
- Mushrooms with lemon sauce: Sauteed shitake mushrooms with a lemon butter sauce. This was good - the tartness of the lemon prevented it from being too rich.

Our main course was lamb medallions with spinach, gorgonzola and lavender sauce. After the wonderful tapas, this was a slight letdown, perhaps because we expected lamb slices rather than cubes. This was more like a lamb stew than lamb medallions. I definitely recommend the tapas over the main course.

The service here is great. We ordered a tiramisu to share, but the owner came and told us that he would prefer not serving us the tiramisu as he felt it was dry and not up to scratch. So instead, we ordered the profiteroles which were pretty good, and to apologise he gave us 2 shots of limoncello on the house. A had a sip and I finished the rest. *hic*

A says:

Mii Tuna good good. Waitresses young, smart and friendly, like "almost hot" JC girls. If i heard right, owner said he was from Napoli, which makes him an Italian with a Greek restaurant, which makes him a little kooky, which makes him okay in my book. Comes over to check on you periodically but he's more fun and not imposing like Valentino. Like C says, he gave us discount so i'm definitely going to support.

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