Monday, February 20, 2006


C says:

On Saturday we went to one of our favourite cafes, Choupinette, for an early dinner. It's along Bukit Timah Road, right next to Coronation Plaza. It's a delightful, quaint little French patisserie/café that has awesome food and even more amazing bread and pastries. We've been there for brunch before, for their incredible all-day breakfasts but more on those some other time.

It's a little corner café that can seat maybe 20, with simple yet charming décor. In fact, most of the décor is for sale, if you're so inclined. It's quite the expat hangout, especially at lunchtime where about 80% of the clientele are foreigners, and if you distance yourself from the world outside and the local waitstaff, you'd think you weren't in Singapore.

On this visit we had a light dinner. A had the smoked salmon caesar salad, and I had a Croque Poulet (a Croque Monsieur with chicken rather than ham). Both were wonderful, as always. The salad had very generous portions of smoked salmon, which was wonderfully flavoured and not too salty. The Croque Poulet was very good as well - toasted soft white bread with grilled chicken, cheese and bechemel sauce. This place also serves one of the best flat whites (half espresso, half milk) I've had in Singapore. We got hooked on flat whites after visiting Australia and New Zealand, and we've been looking for decent flat whites in Singapore ever since. Most coffee joints in Singapore serve lattes, which have more milk than espresso, so imagine our delight at finally finding good strong flat whites at Choupinette.

We were too full after dinner, but the apple tart was calling to me so we got a slice to go and microwaved it for supper, with some vanilla ice cream. The apple slices were paper thin and it wasn't too sour, as some apple desserts can be. Yummm....

A says:

I like Choupinette. Atas without being super “I scare go in” atas. Very friendly (can chit chat with Ang Moh) staff. They can even order special bread and call you when it comes in. Food is very good. Even though they specialize in pastries and desserts, the mains are not bad and the breakfast specials rock. Laurent’s set (Egg Benedict with smoked salmon instead of ham) has some wicked hollandaise sauce.

The place is a bit cramped though. And the freaking cushions on the chairs keep sliding off. What’s up with that?

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