Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Home cookin'

Hello all! And Happy Valentine's Day!

For my first post, i'll describe my recreation of our old Tamade dinners.

We started with a fusion salad of Japanese cucumbers with garlic/soy sauce/teriyaki sauce dressing.

Entree was a ribeye steak with aglio olio pasta. I must say that what Jamie Oliver says is true - good quality ingredients almost guarantee good results. The steaks were from The Butcher at Holland Village, and the quality of the meat was incredible. The steaks tasted good with minimum effort. They were seared on the outside and quite rare inside, and the meat was sweet and tender.

Finished off with the gooey chocolate pudding with tons of vanilla ice cream.


I think we ate too much...


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Anonymous said...

Hey A&C! Nice entry - my mouth's watering already. Keep me posted on what's good to eat and you can bet your last dollar, I'll pounce :)