Saturday, January 19, 2008

Pho Hoa

C says:

It’s all my dad’s fault for making me crave pho. My parents went to Vietnam a couple of weeks ago for a very short trip, and my dad came back raving about the pho that he had one morning for breakfast – quite an achievement given that my dad (a) doesn’t like travelling and (b) isn’t a foodie.

We didn’t have any dinner plans tonight, so I decided to head over to Pho Hoa at Holland Village. Yes, I know that Pho Hoa is probably as close to authentic pho as, well, Singapore is to Vietnam, but it was nearby and convenient.

Given that I haven’t really had authentic Vietnamese food in Singapore, I don’t really have much basis for comparison, so this pho was pretty decent. A ordered the bog-standard steak pho, and I had mine with steak and flank (slightly fattier). I’ve had way better pho in Sydney though, in an authentic Vietnamese-run joint called Pasteur in Sydney. Does anyone have any recommendations for non-chain restaurant, authentic pho and other Vietnamese dishes in Singapore? Do tell!

A says:

Unless I’m mistaken, pho is pronounced like “fur”.

Anyway, the stock here is pretty good and I’m not very picky as long as there’s the sweet sauce.

Anyway, this place is okay for a quick meal. There tend to always be a few flies around though.

Pho Hoa
Holland Village
18 Lorong Mambong
Tel: 6467-3662
Open daily: 11.00am - 10.00pm


Anonymous said...

Pasteur is probably one of the best bowls of pho to get in Sydney, and there has been no place I have found in Singapore or KL that matches up to it.

Anonymous said...

There used to be this place in MArina Sq next to the cinema which was run by quite a gorgeous Viet lady. I think they moved to Atrium@Orchard although I have not been in ages and I'm not sure if it is still there. That's prob the best pho in SG although it is still a far cry from what you get in Hanoi. Best way - make it yourself.

atetoomuch said...

After doing some googling, I think the Marina joint was called Mai Vietnamese Restaurant, and it's been taken over by Song Trang which is at Atrium. Apparently not as good as Mai used to be, but what the heck, it's worth a shot. Will try when we're next in the area. Make it myself??!! Are you insane?! How to make the beef stock, which is the essence of pho?

Anonymous said...

in vietnam, there's this pho 24 all over hcm city, and i just found out that they've sprung some roots in millenia walk. you might wanna try though i'm not sure about their standards!

atetoomuch said...

Chian - thanks for the recommendation! Heh, given that my basis of comparison for pho in Singapore is Pho Hoa, my standards are really not very high. Cool, I can go to Millenia and have that AND Munchy Donut ;p

Jenny Nguyen said...

You can find one closest to the real authentic Vietnamese food along Joo Chiat road. Try the restaurant called Long Phung. We, vietnamese rarely eat at Pho hoa or Mai restaurant :P

And yes, "pho" is pronounced nearly like "fur"