Monday, January 21, 2008

Bao Today

C says:

This place, located on the ground floor of OUB Centre, is absolutely packed at lunchtime, even bordering on the chaotic on rainy days. If you can get off work in time for last orders at 7.30 pm though, it’s a pretty good find for a quick post-work dinner. As the name suggests, their speciality is baos (duh). Besides the usual char siew bao, they have a pretty interesting black sesame bao, that tastes just like an ah balling, and apparently they do funky baos like deer meat and sesame chicken too. I didn’t see them on the menu though, so I’m not sure if those are only available at their takeout outlets (like Food Republic at VivoCity).

We ordered the char siew bao, black sesame bao, scallop chee cheong fun and a char siew ‘bolo’ bun. They were all fairly decent, with the black sesame coming out tops purely for its originality. The ‘bolo’ bun, which was a char siew bao with a sweet crust, was also quite good and surprisingly better than the one we tried in Hong Kong.

We also tried their signature claypot rice – this was far from authentic, with the rice already pre-cooked and mixed, and probably just dumped into the pots and given a perfunctory heating on the stove. A far cry from those in Hong Kong, but A actually preferred this because it was more like regular roast pork rice, just served in a different receptacle.

If you dine-in after 5 pm (or is it 3 pm…), you even get a 30% discount, which makes for a very reasonable meal. Only problem with going at dinner time is that some items, like the egg tarts, are no longer available. Still, this is a pretty good option if we’re in the vicinity at that time.

A says:

I like it. Too bad the one at OUB closes so early. Think we’ll try the other branches and see how those go.

Bao Today
1 Raffles Place
#01-09A OUB Centre
Tel: 6535-7877
Mon-Sat: 7am - 8pm (Closed on Sundays & PH)

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