Monday, January 07, 2008

Mr Prata

C says:

We used to come here quite frequently a year or so ago, since it was just a couple of minutes’ walk away from the track where we used to go running. We eventually wised up when we realized that prata after a run is more than counterproductive.

When it first opened as Prata Cafe, it was a welcome addition to the area since the only other good prata joints nearby are at Cheong Chin Nam road. It was definitely well received by those who were too lazy to drive to Jalan Kayu or Thomson, but still wanted to satisfy late night prata cravings.

Standard was very high when it first opened. Pratas were good and not too oily, and they did a mean Maggi mee goreng – the proper kind where they use the Maggi curry seasoning, rather than simply frying the typical red tomato-based Indian mee goreng using instant noodles. Outside KL (back in pre-A days when I used to go to Malaysia…), this place had the most authentic Maggi mee goreng I’ve had in a long time.

Then they closed for a couple of weeks, re-opened as Mr Prata (which is a chain run by the same owner), and all the waiters from the previous Prata Cafe were gone. We went a few times, but standard started to drop, and after a particularly insipid and tasteless Maggi mee goreng, we stopped going.

For some reason though, A had a prata craving on Monday night, so we decided to give it another chance. We ordered a Maggi mee goreng, a garlic prata and a mutton murtabak.

I’m very pleased to announce that the Maggi mee goreng is back to its original glory. It was very evenly and thoroughly fried, and the curry flavour was apparent in every mouthful. It was our first time trying the garlic prata, and man… word of warning – this is NOT a first date prata. Imagine the potent garlic puree that’s thinly spread onto popiahs; now imagine that same puree spread in a thick layer over the entire inside of the prata. It was hard-core even for garlic lovers like us.

The murtabak was HUGE, and at $6 I think it’s quite good value. They certainly didn't skimp on the meat – it was chockfull of minced meat, onions and egg. Delicious, but way too huge for one person. Come to think of it, A and I were struggling with it as it is.

Damn, now that the standard has improved again, I’ll definitely be tempted to come back, but it’ll have to be a day when I’m feeling virtuous, after a particularly punishing gym session or a meagre lunch, perhaps.

A says:

Good food. Good value. And for a prata place. Pretty good service. If only it wasn’t so bloody unhealthy.

Mr Prata
26 Evans Road
Open 24 hours


motorheads said...

my understanding was it's run by a different person now. the original guys were sent a-packing when the landlord upped the rental. the fellows have migrated to the stretch of shophouses opposite sin ming. the mutton there remains tender and flavourful

Anonymous said...

Tried it today... Don't think i will ever step in again! Bad food, equally bad service. Asked for Onions for the India Rojak and was told to pay for Onions!!! huh??? Not about the 20 cents or 30 cents... any other stalls would have asked how much do you want and gladly give you some. So I said will not come again and the staff said:"It's ok". What more can I say??? Keep it up! My friend. Way to go (out of business)! Definitely will not earn a cent more from me!