Saturday, January 26, 2008

Old Hong Kong Tea House

C says:

We came to Marina Food Loft, the (fairly) new food court on the 4th floor of Marina Square, primarily to try the Trolley Noodles at this stall – Old Hong Kong. I’d read about it in an Asiaone/Sunday Times review, and with words like “braised chicken wing”, “offal” and “small intestine” in the article, I was sold.

As the signboard says, these trolley noodles are apparently the Hong Kong street food from days of yore. Here at the Marina outlet, for $4 you can pick your choice of noodles (bee hoon, yellow noodles, la mian, kuay teow or instant noodles), vegetables (chinese cabbage - wong pok, kang kong or boy choy) and five other items out of quite a plentiful array. Besides the ones I picked – chicken liver in mild curry sauce, braised small intestine, braised chicken wing, belly pork and stewed daikon radish – there are other items like stewed egg, fish cake, taukwa, beef brisket, and fish balls.

While no individual item really blew me away, the combination of instant noodles and all my favourite ingredients was pure comfort food. Surprisingly, I would vote the daikon radish as the ingredient of the day. It was braised till it was soft and tender but not yet mushy, and had absorbed all the flavours of the cooking stock.

It’s a bit of a shame that A’s meal from Jia Le Roasted Food kinda detracted from the otherwise very interesting and tasty trolley noodles here. It’s also a pity because with the roasted meats just round the corner, it’ll be quite a hard fight in future (for me, anyway) deciding which one to have.

They do a pretty good yin yang (combination of coffee and tea) here as well, by the way.

A says:

Nothing fantastic except for the yin yang. We had 1 in a metal cup and one in a paper take-out cup, and I must say, drinking from the metal cup somehow made the yin yang taste much better. Also, in English, the yin yang there is called the Perfect Combination, and I have to agree with the name.

Old Hong Kong Tea House
Marina Food Loft
#04-101/102 Marina Square
Tel: 6338-4896
Open: 10am to 10pm daily

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