Sunday, January 20, 2008

More aburi sushi

C says:

Does she ever tire of her blowtorch, you may ask? I tried making sushi from scratch today, with fish from Isetan supermarket. I got salmon belly, regular salmon and some tuna.

Alas, my sushi rice was a bit of disaster. I think I used too much water, so the rice was already quite soft, and I manhandled it a bit too much trying to shape it into little ovals. The result was rather soft and mushy sushi rice. Sigh. Back to the drawing board.

One consolation was that the aburi-ed fish rocked, though. Particularly the salmon belly, with its high fat content. It’s amazing how much oil was rendered out of it during the torching process.

This was far from a cheap meal. Even disregarding the sushi rice and vinegar, which will last us quite a long time, the fish alone came up to around $50. Eep. You pay for quality, I guess. Pity I wrecked it with the sushi rice.

A says:

C’s rice not nice.

(Stop beating me! Stop beating me!)

I’m sure next time should be better.


Camemberu said...

LOL! A is funny.

Hey, what are those black flecks in the rice? Black sesame? Coarse black pepper? Or is that also the effect of the torch?

atetoomuch said...

Hmph, try living with him 365, 24/7... ;p

Nope, nothing as glam as black sesame or pepper. The black stuff is just plain ol' torched rice.

Anonymous said...

A is hilarious!! Never fails to make me laugh out loud muahahaha