Thursday, December 27, 2007

Farewell to Renaldo’s (burgers)

C says:

Ok that’s it, this is getting out of hand. We’re creating a specific category entitled “The A&C Curse”, because it sure doesn't look like the curse is lifting any time soon. For the less-informed, the A&C curse has afflicted many joints that we are particularly fond of, but may not be the most oft-patronised – cult favourites, in a sense. In the past, these have included Tamade, TeaSpa, Papi, and King George at Adam Road.

Renaldo’s at Crown Centre has now joined the club – the one place where we could always depend on for a good, no-frills, extremely satisfying burger. I’m deeply traumatized.

We drove by recently and I noticed that the store had been boarded up. I had a sinking feeling, but still harboured some hope that they were closed for renovations. So I tried calling their number, in the hopes that they may have a pre-recorded message along the lines of their being closed for upgrades from X to X, and will re-open on X to serve you better. Well, there was a pre-recorded message, but it said “This is a Singtel announcement. The number you have dialed is not in use.”

STILL undeterred, I called their Eastwood branch (which only sells strudel, no hot food), clinging to a desperate hope that they may have relocated their food operations somewhere else. Alas, tis not to be. It’s completely gone, no more hot food, and they have no plans to start selling their hot food at their other branch(es).

Unless… the lady I spoke to was merely an employee, and isn’t aware of any long term plans? I am forever hopeful, even as we bid farewell to Renaldo’s burgers. *sniff*

A says:

I’d list Tamade, King George and Renaldo’s in the list. Not so much Teaspa or Papi.
Our other favourites (La Petite Cuisine, Buko Nero, Valentino's, Tampopo and Ember) seem to be doing well so I guess they’re exempt from the curse. So far…

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motorheads said...

so THIS explains TAMADE!!

... tamade!