Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas cookies

C says:

Every year I make some sort of baked good for Christmas, to give to some relatives as Christmas gifts. Mainly because it’s easier than having to rack my brains year after year thinking of something to get them.

This year I ‘sold out’, and decided to make something that looked better than it tasted. I made cut-out Christmas cookies, but instead of traditional gingerbread, which looks nice but the blend of spices somehow doesn’t have universal appeal, I made vanilla/lemon and chocolate cookies.

The thing about cut-out cookies is that they’ll never taste as good as buttery drop cookies (like Cat’s Tongues) – because they need to retain their shape and not spread, more flour has to be added, so they end up being slightly on the harder side. But this also means they’re hardy enough to last, and can stand up to some heavy duty icing. Sigh. Hence the perennial dilemma of taste vs aesthetics.

Well, I made a whole range of Christmas shapes, from snowflakes to ‘gingerbread’ men (both clothed and…er…not). When A saw the bells, he said they’ll make a good shield if turned upside down, so I made one of those. Then, that inspired me to make the Transformers too.

On that rather random and decidedly un-Christmassy note, here’s wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas filled with laughter, love and good food.

A says:


Anyway, at least my darling wife C has mad cookie skills.

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Anonymous said...

Pornocookies :) .. and some which are more than meets the eye :)