Sunday, December 16, 2007

What’s the meat of kings?

C says:

After two meals at Tampopo where every single dish we ordered had an element of pork, A and I got to thinking what meat we could absolutely not give up. At first I’m inclined to say beef, because we love a good burger, and a good steak will never fail to send me to meat heaven.

But thinking about it some more, I’m actually inclined towards pork, only because it plays such a fundamental role in so much of what we eat daily. Besides actually having it as a main dish, like roast pork or ribs, there’s bacon, ham, sausages, xiao long baos and for that matter almost anything in a dim sum menu, bak kut teh, ramen, katsu, char siew… the list really does go on.

Anyway, how about you – what meat could you not live with?

A says:


Anonymous said...

Yep, agreed, couldn't live w/o porky pork. It's not about kurobuta, it's about regular mince - bak chor mee, anyone?

Anonymous said...

Same as you. First inclination is to say beef.
But if I look at what I eat, there's a lot more pork than beef.
And that's why I always freak out when anyone (who isn't vegetarian) says they don't eat pork. Just can't understand.

Anonymous said...

I also say pork. Either beef or pork but definitely not chicken. Agree with Shaz - what can beat baH chor mee? Definitely not gu bah kway teow or guay png!