Monday, October 09, 2006

A-Roy Thai

C says:

This calls for a celebration! For the first time, A and I actually voluntarily had Thai food! Usually when we have Thai, it’s because either friends or family choose the dining venue and A has no choice but to agree. But on Saturday we went to Funan to check out cameras, and somehow ended up in this Thai place for lunch. Of course, he still ordered his usual pineapple rice but this was already no small achievement.

The pineapple rice was very good; I ordered a stuffed chicken wing, and a tom yam kuay teow soup. The chicken wing was lovely and juicy, and the crab and pork stuffing was loaded with garlic. I was surprised with the tom yam – I expected the usual red tom yam soup but this was clear. I was slightly dubious that it wouldn’t be spicy enough so I asked for some chilli padi. I needn’t have worried though, because although it looked innocuous, the soup really packed a punch. Between the spiciness of the soup and the additional chilli padi that I added to the seafood, I was almost knocked out by the end of lunch.

This was a surprising and very pleasant discovery. I just hope it can last in Funan, because I don’t expect many Funan patrons to be all that keen on authentic Thai food. Whenever we’re in the area, we’ll definitely come back again.

A says:

The only reason I agreed was because I wasn’t hungry to begin with. Also cause I saw the Makansutra recommendation on the door and figured the place couldn’t screw up a pineapple rice that badly. That being said, the pineapple rice was damn good. And the Thai Iced Coffee RAWKED! Definitely a must have if we ever go back.

The place isn’t cheap though. It’s a proper restaurant and not some Jerk Thai place. They give you a nice appetiser of small prawn crackers and sweet chilli sauce (really spicy). The service is excellent which may be since the place wasn’t crowded. Some of the staff are Thai though, so it may be hard to understand what they’re saying.

As Thai places go, this is one of the best I’ve been to. I’d still rather do Jap or Italian.

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