Saturday, October 14, 2006

Holland Drive XO Fish Bee Hoon

C says:

If you can overlook the brusque demeanour of the towkay here, and as M says, his tendency to quote arbitrary prices when you are asking to ta-bao, this is a really good zi char place. A and I come here once in a while after running; our last trip here was last Tuesday (not after a run though, the haze has put an end to our outdoor running for the time being).

We used to always order the same 2 dishes – the XO fish meat soup (without bee hoon), and the sliced fish hor fun with taugeh. Mixing the strong XO soup with the hor fun makes both dishes taste even better. Lately, we’ve discovered a couple of other dishes there too – their baby kailan fried with garlic has an incredible ‘wok hei’ aroma, and the pai guat wong is delicious too.

Besides the fish soup and hor fun, two of their other specialities are the har cheong gai (prawn paste chicken) and the ngoh hiang. In fact, S and M brought these to our place for a pot luck party on Saturday night for Y’s birthday (Happy Birthday Y!). A doesn’t like both dishes so we never order them, so this was a great chance for me to have some.

My cousin L has mentioned another good dish she’s had here, which she claims is like a fatty pork version of nau nam (beef brisket), but in true L fashion, she has no idea what the dish is called. Still, I’m on a quest to discover what it is eventually.

A says:

Very nice place. Not exorbitant prices. Well worth a visit. Preferably with 4-8 people so you can try all the different dishes. I’ll stick to my usual range though.


Anonymous said...

I'm so silly! Whenever 2 of us are there, we always order the fish soup WITH the chor bee hoon. And although I like the hor fun, cannot order unless more people are with us. Somehow never occurred to me to just order the soup WITHOUT the bee hoon, so that I can order the hor fun.

Anonymous said...

after months of deliberation, i think the mystery dish was called 'pai gu' - which likely arose from M's massacre of an order for 'pai guat'. M also claims he just asked the owner for 'rou'.... L