Saturday, October 14, 2006

Mille Crepes

C says:

I read about Mille Crepes in an edition of Urban, so I decided to order it as Y’s birthday cake on Saturday. It’s from Classic Cakes at Clementi Arcade, just 2 stores down from The Daily Scoop. It comprises about 20 crepes, with layers of kirsch and vanilla- flavoured cream in between. The cream is authentically dotted with flecks of vanilla seeds, and the top is caramelised, a la crème brulee.

It’s incredibly easy to slice, and isn’t as heavy as I expected it to be. The cream tasted wonderful, and the top layer is heaven. But to me, the crepes in the centre seemed a little pale and undercooked. I’m glad we tried it though, it was definitely something different and in smallish amounts, it’s very enjoyable.

A says:

I like it. Definitely worth a try if you’re bored of normal cakes.

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