Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Spizza (A Pizza Month Special Report)

A says:

Hot on the heels of Beef and Fish months, I’m making this Pizza month!

First up, we decided to fulfil my pizza craving with a visit to Spizza at HarbourFront. I like this Spizza outlet just because it seems less stuffy then the others. Where the others tend to have marginally snotty wait staff and patrons, this one is relatively laid back. The service does suffer a bit for it though, and you can expect a bit of blurness here and there.

Food quality is about the same at all its branches/franchises and the starters range from passable to pleasantly surprising, like the Nerone C & I shared (Roasted veal loin, topped with tuna sauce).

Although they bill themselves as offering pizzas from A to Z, Spizza only has 22 main course pizzas, with each pizza’s name starting with a different letter of the alphabet, and all named after Italian women. On this visit, we had the Barbara (Tomato, Mozzarella, Hot Italian minced Pork, Shallots & Olives) and the Katarina (Tomato, Mozzarella, Beef Carpaccio, Rucola and Shaved Parmesan). The ingredients and range are different enough to make visits interesting, and they certainly are delicious enough, but they don’t really give me a distinct impression other than the novelty of having a pizza with a funny name.

Overall, the food isn’t bad and I’m sure we’ll be back. On our next visit, we’re supposed to have the Quinta (Tomato, Mozzarella, Egg and Black truffle sauce) which my cousin L swears by.

C says:

A bit of blurness in the waitstaff is an understatement. First the waitress tells me there’s an HSBC promotion, then 3 minutes later she comes back and tells me it’s only valid for orders over $50. Then, after giving her my card and waiting for what seems like bloody ages, all the while glaring ever more murderously in the general direction of the cash register, another waitress finally notices and finally decides to swipe my card. So I was waiting for almost 10 minutes while my card was happily unnoticed.

But I digress. The pizzas here, while not spectacular, are still pretty good and I like the wide variety and interesting range of ingredients.

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