Saturday, May 13, 2006

Pizza Al Taglio (A Pizza Month Special Report)

A says:

We’ve been meaning to try Pizza da Donato for a long time and heard that they opened a small take out/hole in the wall place at Sixth Ave that sells regular pizza by slices (rectangular).

So we went to check it out at lunch and they’ve got a bunch of slices laid out and reheated when you order. We decided to share three slices (blue cheese, smoked salmon and mushroom).

As quick pick up pizzas go, the food is pretty good and definitely worthwhile. While Pizza Al Taglio does have a better selection, I personally prefer the pizza from Da Paolo Gastronomica. They’re smaller but cheaper, and they somehow taste finer.

I’d still like to try the proper “gourmet” pizzas at Pizza da Donato though. Al Taglio is good enough to leave me wanting more.

C says:

Out of the three pizzas we shared, the blue cheese one was the best – it was the most different and therefore the most interesting. A is right, the take-out pizzas from Da Paolo’s Gastronomica gourmet store is still more refined – I think the difference is in the tomato puree. The tomato puree on the Gastronomica pizzas somehow tastes more seasoned (yet not overpoweringly so). Kinda hard to explain, but it just seems as though more effort and fresher ingredients go into the Gastronomica pizzas.

Still, the Al Taglio ones were very good for fast food-style pizzas. In fact, I think they were actually better than the ‘posh’ pizzas that we had at Da Paolo’s Pizza Bar.

We’re definitely going to try the main Donato outlet soon. I just hope the pizzas there live up to our expectations.

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