Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Rocky’s (A Pizza Month Special Report)

C says:

This has become somewhat of a tradition for A and I. Every time a Survivor finale rolls around, we always order Rocky’s pizza delivery. It started when the finale used to be telecast from 7 to 9 pm, and the Results/Reunion show was at 9.30 after a half hour break for the news, which meant absolutely NO time for dinner. Nowadays, with ‘live’ satellite feed we end up taping the 1 pm telecast, which theoretically means we can watch it any time, but we now associate Rocky’s with the Survivor finale, so we still continue to have it for old times’ sake.

We always order the same thing – a 12 inch pizza with 5 toppings of our choice: beef, sausage (this is minced Italian sausage meat, not cheapo sliced frankfurters), egg, mushrooms and garlic. Rocky’s is definitely the only ‘chain’ pizza joint in Singapore that’s still worth having. Don’t even bother with Pizza Hut or, God forbid, Canadian 241…

We had it on Monday night, for the Survivor Exile Island finale. I must say that once in a while, it’s nice having old fashioned pizzas, rather than the currently hip ultra-thin crust gourmet pizzas. Even though the pizza wasn’t piping hot after having travelled from the restaurant at Rail Mall to our place, it was still delicious. Even though old fashioned pizzas have thicker crusts, we found that a great way to polish off the crusts is to dip them in some hot sauce that we got from Sunset Bar & Grill. Lovely!

Not sure that I can wait for the next Survivor finale for our next Rocky’s fix… maybe we’ll have it again for the Amazing Race finale on Thursday, heh.

A says:

C seems to have taken to rambling so I shall as well…

I was having Rocky’s way back in the day when it still had (4) branches around the island. Living a mere 5-minute bike ride away from the outlet at Faber Gardens, I’d often come back from secondary school, call up for a Meat Lovers pizza and cycle over to collect it.

Ah, life was simpler then…

But, I digress.

Rocky’s only has one outlet now so it hardly qualifies as a chain. That said, I think it’s easily the best amongst the “lower-end” pizza places. My simple ketchup and cheese sandwiches taste better than the crap that the rest try to pass off as pizza. Nothing like the chains in America that actually offer decent cheap pizzas.

Ah… I remember surviving on Papa John’s and Pizza Hut back in college. Living a mere 5-minute drive away from each, I’d often call for a pizza from school and swing by to pick it up on the way home, thus eliminating the need to tip (let’s not forget I was a poor college student then).

Ah, life was simpler then…

But, I digress.

As pizzas in Singapore go, Rocky’s is by no means the cheapest or the best. But for a simple, hearty pizza with generous toppings and friendly, old school service (dine-in or delivery), it’s certainly worth your while.

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