Monday, May 22, 2006

Naxos (A Pizza Month Special Report – “kinda”)

A says:

We’ve always come to this place for its tapas, but I overheard the owner saying to another customer that his pizzas were great because he’s from the most famous pizza region in Italy. So for pizza month, we decided to share one of the pizzas here and have less tapas.

The guy wasn’t lying, man. If you like really thin crust pizza, this place rocks! We had the Naxos pizza (ham, mushroom and a bit of cream) and it was simple, yet addictive. I could even eat just the crust because it tasted like they added extra butter.

I’m not sure whether I prefer this or Peperoni now. Will do a ranking at the end of pizza month.

C says:

I’m not sure why A is so enamoured with the pizza here. Yeah, it was pretty good in a simple way, and it did taste quite nice and buttery. But to me it was like, “Where’s the cheese?” I’m used to having strings of mozzarella oozing out from that first bite of a hot pizza, but there was none to be found here. In fact, it seemed to be thin crust, toppings, then a mixture of butter and grated parmesan sprinkled on top and baked. Sure, it resulted in a less rich pizza but honestly, I’ll take Rocky’s any day.

The tapas here still blows me away though. The seared tuna with guacamole, which we can’t help but order every time we go, was once again superb.

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