Friday, May 05, 2006

Da Paolo Pizza Bar (A Pizza Month Special Report)

A says:

I had really high expectations for this place considering how good the ready made slices at the Gastronomica a few doors down are.

Sadly, I was pretty disappointed. Mostly because of personal preference though, because while I like my pizzas really, really thin, this place had a more regular pizza crust.

Ingredients and selection were interesting and well put together, but I think the flavour didn’t come out strong enough because of their proportions with the dough. It could also be our choice of pizzas: the Pollo – chicken, avocado & pink peppercorn – and the Fiorentina – tomato, mozzarella, spinach, salami & egg – that didn’t really have a strong flavour (except for pink peppercorn).

If we go back, maybe we’ll try the salmon one. Don’t think it’ll be anytime soon since the place is usually full. It’s lucky we went early on a Friday afternoon because it was packed by the time we left.

C says:

Ditto. I expected the pizzas to taste a lot more, I dunno, authentic than they did. While they definitely weren’t bad at all, they somehow lacked the oomph of other gourmet pizza joints, like Valentino, Peperoni or Sistina. I guess it’s also because, as A said, we came with pretty high hopes for the place since it’s always packed to the brim whenever we pass by.

We had a side order of deep fried meatballs with tomato sauce, which came topped with alfalfa sprouts. This tasted like a good bolognaise sauce, but what slightly annoyed me was that they assumed that we both wanted an order EACH. I only realised when we got the bill, but I figured it was too petty to make a big deal of it. Still, I think that if they weren’t sure whether we wanted to share one order or have one each, they could simply have just asked.

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