Tuesday, June 02, 2015


C says:

Now that Taishoken has left Ramen Champion and Menya Musashi's standard has dropped, our new go-to place for tsukemen-style ramen is Sanpoutei at the basement of Shaw Centre.

Their dipping broth comes with a generous dose of powdered anchovy powder, adding a delicious umami complexity. I also like that they automatically provide a flask of soba-yu with your order, though we almost always never have much left over by the time we're done slurping...

Ironically, the tsukemen is not on their regular menu but on an insert instead. They're actually better known for their shoyu ramen which, granted, was good in a light, clean way. But give me the tsukemen any day. 

Be warned - they have a Tori X Miso ramen which sounded very promising, with descriptions of stir-fried chicken and vegetables on top of a miso ramen, but it turned out to be way too rich and heavy. 

A says:

New favourite ramen in Singapore, strictly for the tsukemen. 

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