Thursday, June 04, 2015


C says:

The lovely people behind SPR MRKT have opened Koskos, a takeout joint at the basement of Hong Leong Building (opposite Lau Pa Sat).

Catering to the time-strapped folk in the area, they offer soups, sandwiches and salads to-go. Some of their offerings include a smoked duck, pear and spinach sandwich, and garden and Ni├žoise salads. You can also mix and match from a range of more substantial salads, like quinoa with roast chicken and beetroot, sausage and corn fusilli, and a delicious but oh-so-hard to justify after a gym session potato salad.

They also have a range of (constantly changing) desserts available all day, like their classic bread pudding and a wicked double chocolate cake (above).

A small retail section sells goodies like Two Rabbits Smoky Chilli, Second Helpings' Ori Beenut Butter, and this adorable hedgehog doorstop. 

Can't. Continue. Hedgehog. Too. Cute. 

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