Sunday, May 31, 2015

2it & drink

C says:

We've been silent for a while because, to be honest, it was getting too time consuming, and we've been too busy, to maintain atetoomuch. 

Still, it seemed a shame to give up completely so we've decided to launch atetoomuch v2.0 - a pared-down, more streamlined version with just photos and comments on what we ate. No more hyperlinks, addresses, opening hours or detailed research on the restaurants. 

First entry is on 2it & drink (pronounced to eat and drink), by the guys from Otto. We had an Agnolotti with braised beef in a mushroom sauce, and a pizza with spinach, bufala and bacon.

Pasta was hand-made and therefore very smooth. I was less enamoured with the pizza - I would have liked the toppings to be more integrated into the pizza. 

A had a banana chocolate tiramisu, which was decent though the banana didn't go quite as well as I thought it would. 

Keen to try the tagliatelle bolognese next, to see how it compares with the ones we had in Italy.

A says:

Good but a tad pricey. But then nowadays, everything is. 

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