Sunday, June 07, 2015

The Hitsuji Club

C says:

Dinner at The Hitsuji Club was surreal. We were seriously the only non-Japanese in the entire restaurant. Everyone was speaking Japanese, and for a brief moment we could almost imagine we were in Hokkaido. 

Yes, Hitsuji Club sells Hokkaido jingiskan - grilled lamb and vegetables on top of a dome-shaped grill. We ordered the premium set, which came with a selection of loin and shoulder meat, lamb chops and a selection of vegetables. 

They even provide cubes of lamb fat to oil the grill. Can't decide if I prefer the loin or the shoulder meat. Both were good. 

The lamb chops were great (look at the layer of fat!), but note to self: get the professionals to help grill them next time. They grilled them perfectly for the couple next door, whereas our first one was a tad overdone.  

Desserts were outstanding so definitely save some space. The ice cream with kinako and brown sugar syrup was good, but the adzuki panna cotta was divine. It tasted like the essence of good Hokkaido milk. Amazing. 

Meat-wise, I think the quality and variety at Gyu Kaku is better, but I love the charm and vibe of this place, and how I can pretend that I'm in Japan for a couple of hours. 

A says:

Surreal. This is exactly like Japan, in that all the patrons are Japanese. 

Best panna cotta ever. 

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