Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Oriole Coffee Roasters

C says:

Jiak Chuan Road seems to be the newest culinary kid on the block. A tiny lane off Keong Saik Street, it's home to 2 new establishments that opened within weeks of each other - Esquina, a tiny tapas bar, and Oriole Coffee Roasters.

This Oriole outlet comprises mainly a coffee roasting facility, but they also serve old school breakfasts, snacks and cakes.

We tried both their egg dishes - a truffle scrambled egg served with tomatoes and toast, and a pair of 63 degree eggs served with toast soldiers and premium light soy sauce - basically, a high end version of that coffee shop staple.

The scrambled eggs had a nice truffle aroma when they arrived, but they were quite generic hotel-buffet style scrambled eggs - slightly overcooked so the egg forms visible curds rather a smooth creaminess.

I quite liked my soft boiled eggs. I asked for a dark soy sauce and while they accommodated, they also diplomatically suggested that I try it with the light soy instead. They were right; the light soy sauce was actually more mellow and paired better with the eggs.

Their home made kaya toast with butter wasn't too bad, but again I don't think they were vast improvements over what you can get at your local coffeeshop. Their coffee is excellent though. The cappuccino was smoother and more mellow; the piccolo latte I ordered was quite strong and a tad less drinkable.

I would come back here for the coffee, but I don't think the food alone warrants a special trip.

A says:

Great coffee. The food’s pretty good, but really nothing to shout about. Just go if you want good coffee.

Oriole Coffee Roasters
10/10A Jiak Chuan Road
Tel: 6224-5448
Mon to Fri: 10 am – 6 pm


JY said...

How much are the dishes? Especially the kaya toasts, hopefully they aren't too exorbitant.

atetoomuch said...

Prices are ok, just don't expect kopitiam prices. Kaya toast was $3.50. Other dishes are also around there - between $3 and $5. I think.