Sunday, December 11, 2011


C says:

Time flies so fast it’s scary. We were at Kazu last night with A’s friends, and were really blown away by how absolutely amazing the food was. I can’t believe that our last visit here was back in July 2006. It’s been more than 5 years!

We’ll come back again to take photos and do a proper post, but I was just so impressed that I had to do a quick interim post to highlight some of the best bites of the night.

The cold appetizer of angler fish liver with a ponzu jelly was an interesting choice. The liver had a creamy texture that wasn’t overly unctuous or cloying, and surprisingly didn’t taste fishy at all.
As for the skewers, the chicken hearts rocked. Better than the chicken livers, which were a tad overcooked. The foie gras was excellent too – creamy and well seasoned. There was a pork jaw and apple skewer that was also amazing. The pork was nice and fatty, and the sweet yet tart, slightly charred apple complemented it perfectly.

Dessert completely blew me away. I was expecting to like their salty chocolate ice cream, but wasn’t prepared for the awesomeness of their burnt caramel ice cream. I was literally speechless – it had a wonderful, slightly bitter flavour from the caramel that was scorched just right.

Kazu really takes yakitori to a whole other level; everywhere else just pales in comparison. We’re definitely planning to head back very soon.

A says:

Awesome food and surprisingly great service from our waitress. Definitely will be back once we get over our OD of yakitori. Must have the beef steak and the pork & apple again. If you’re ordering a lot, I recommend ordering the mini-burger and the fois gras, then stuffing the foie into the burger. Yes, I’m a genius. I am also getting very fat. Oh no!

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