Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Lucky Peach

C says:

Being fanboys of Anthony Bourdain, who himself is a die hard fan of Momofuku's David Chang, we knew we had to get our hands on the new food quarterly Lucky Peach, which is a collaboration between, amongst others, David Chang and the guys behind Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations - Zero Point Zero Productions. The first issue completely sold out during its first printing but McSweeney's, the publisher, has recognised the demand and reprinted enough to hopefully satisfy eager readers.

Simply put, the magazine is just downright cool. It's actually less like a magazine, and more like a collection of food essays. It's printed on thicker stock, isn't comprised of advertisements, and has quirkier features and illustrations compared to regular food magazines. There’s even a recipe written completely in haikus.

The first issue is dedicated to ramen, and guest contributors include Wylie Dufresne, Anthony Bourdain and Ruth Reichl. The writing tone is equal parts informative and irreverent, but always entertaining.

I've just finished issue 1 but already I can’t wait to start on issue 2. You can order/subscribe directly from McSweeney's website, and in case you're wondering, yes they accept international credit cards and ship internationally.

A says:

This is not light reading. But then, nothing from McSweeney’s is. Still, it makes highfalutin culinary concepts much more accessible. 

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