Friday, December 16, 2011

Ci Gusta

C says:

Ci Gusta, an Italian gelato chain, has opened its first Singapore outlet at Anchorpoint, which I thought was quite a surprising choice of venue.

They serve artisanal gelato as well as tenero, which is kind of like a soft serve ice cream. The gelato comes in quite a range of flavours, whereas for the tenero there was only yogurt and mascarpone cheese.

We ordered the waffle with a scoop of salt caramel and one of Donatella - a chocolate hazelnut that tasted like nutella. The salt caramel was good but, like the vast majority of salt caramels out there, could have pushed the boundaries in terms of saltiness.

We tried the crepes with the mascarpone tenero. The mascarpone was really good - tasted a bit like a honey yogurt, and was nice and smooth and not too rich.

Unfortunately, while the ice cream was good, the waffles and crepes were disappointing. Both could've been cooked a bit longer; they were a bit too pale and soggy.

Bottom line? The gelato isn't so good that we'll make a special trip there.

A says:

The yogurt and mascarpone flavours are great. The rest are a bit average. The waffle looks better than it tastes. Luckily, the crepe tastes a lot better than it looks.

Overall, I’d say it’s worth getting some if you’re there, but doesn’t justify a trip.

Ci Gusta
370 Alexandra Road
#01-04, Anchorpoint

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