Friday, November 06, 2009


C says:

We failed to get a reservation at either Osavaldo Ristorante or Pasta Brava at short notice on a Friday night, so we decided to try Spizzico, the Italian restaurant in UE Square, since we’re moving out of this area soon.

Because this wasn’t our first or second choice of restaurants for evening, I must admit we didn’t go with the best of attitudes. We just wanted to have a quick dinner, and I guess our intentions were apparent, because they clearly dismissed us as not worth their trouble. Even though the restaurant was more than half empty, we were shown to a table outdoors, right next to the dusty road. Possibly the worst table in the house. When I asked if we could sit indoors because of the heat, they dismissively said that there were no more tables for two indoors. Yes... and they couldn’t spare a four-seater for us because they were simply beating away the crowds... right...

To start, we shared the mixed bruschetta, which turned out to be slices of cold cuts on barely toasted slices of baguette. The only one that was good was the tomato one.

They have a pretty extensive menu – too many choices, in my opinion, because it took me ages just to peruse it and make my decision. I ended up having a flat pasta with seafood in a saffron cream sauce. This was similar to Pasta Brava’s stracci in appearance and components, but somehow it just wasn’t as refined. But I’m being fussy; this was a perfectly decent dish if you looked at it independently.

A chose the gnocchi, which was described as being cooked in a pink sauce. My understanding of a pink sauce is that it’s a combination of tomato and cream sauce, but this was just a plain tomato sauce. This was pretty boring, and the gnocchi was really heavy. I tried a few mouthfuls and they immediately sank like leaden weights in my stomach.

While there’s nothing really wrong with the food here, I find that it lacks heart and soul in its execution. Prices are pretty decent though, I must say. If you drink, they have a set dinner with free flow wine, which sounds like a pretty good deal.

A says:

Very average.

#01-13 UE Square
81A Clemenceau Avenue
Tel: 6333-6174
Open daily: 11.30am – 3.30pm; 6pm – 10pm

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