Sunday, October 25, 2009

Burger Shack

C says:

Burger Shack at King’s Arcade is Island Creamery’s foray into savoury food. Just like Island Creamery, this place is student central – they even have special student discounts so they clearly know their target clientele.

The menu isn’t overly ambitious. They have an original beef burger, a Ramly, a pulled pork, a chicken and a Portobello mushroom. Each burger is between $6 and $8, and add-ons like cheese and bacon cost $1.50 extra each. You can also choose to swap your burger bun for butter rice, but the soft fluffy bun is one of the best things here so I won’t suggest swapping.

We tried an original with cheese and bacon, and a Ramly, and ordered a side of shoestring fries. The original was quite good – I liked how the patty was nicely chargrilled, and as always, what doesn’t taste good with bacon?

In contrast, the Ramly was quite a sad excuse for a ramly burger. The patty didn’t have the same charred goodness, and the fried egg was dry and a bit rubbery. Ramly burgers should have sweet chilli sauce and mayonnaise. I didn’t taste any mayo here, and the chilli sauce was more like a sambal and just downright wrong.

It was almost as if both burgers came from two different restaurants. The fries were really good though. The patties here are a bit on the small side, but I do like the soft sesame seed buns. Just steer well clear of the Ramly.

A says:

The fries are a must-try. I like the buns although the base reminds me more of soft Texas toast. As for the main burger components, I’d say yes to the Original and no to the Ramli.

My biggest disappointment was that they don’t serve milkshakes. Very surprising considering it’s owned by the Island Creamery guy.

Burger Shack
559 Bukit Timah Road
#01-01 King’s Arcade
Tel: 6466-3477
Tues – Sun: 12 noon to 10 pm
(Closed Monday)

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