Sunday, November 29, 2009

Morton’s Bar

C says:

This is quite the weekend of excess. This evening we met up with A’s friends for dinner at Morton’s Bar, to try the famed fillet mignon sandwiches (which are served free during happy hour on weekdays) and the Morton’s Burger.

On weekdays from 5 to 7 pm, their martinis (which pack a serious punch) go for $11.95, and you get free flow of their fillet mignon sandwiches to boot. However, they apparently don’t come round with the sandwich platter very often, and you can’t really grab more than one each time. Alternatively, after happy hour you can order 4 of the sandwiches for $21.

This was my first time trying them and they do live up to the hype. The bread is soft and fluffy, and the steak is tender, rare and very tasty. I could probably eat all 4 of these myself.

We also shared the Morton’s Burger, which is apparently an institution in the US, but has only recently been introduced here, and is available only at the Bar, not the main restaurant. The burger costs $30 but after 8 pm daily, it’s $25.

We ordered ours medium rare, with bacon, mushrooms and Swiss cheese. And wow, this was one hell of a burger. It was perfectly cooked, juicy and not dry at all, and the beef was really good quality and flavourful. Certainly not cheap, but it’s huge and well worth it for the quality. Best burger I’ve had in a really long time. Plus it comes with loads of really good fries – thick cut, crisp on the outside and fluffy inside.

There was a slightly unpleasant note that marred an otherwise good evening. One of A’s friends was wearing calf-length cargo shorts, and as we were entering, the waitress said they had a ‘no shorts’ dress code. This took us completely by surprise – I understand the actual steakhouse is pretty posh, but I didn’t think that a dress code would apply to the Bar as well, where it’s supposed to be a chill-out place. The place was empty as well, so I thought they could’ve been more flexible with their policy, given that he was wearing proper shoes, not flip-flops, and his shorts were almost ankle length.

Well, you’ve been forewarned that they can get a bit sticky with appearances. Still, it’s worth the slight inconvenience of having to dress up a bit, because the food is awesome.

A says:

Definitely much better than the actual restaurant. More affordable, less imposing and equally good food.

The food takes awhile to come out (even though it was empty when we went) but it’s well worth the wait.

Unfortunately, our friend F got turned away for wearing shorts. Other than that, it was a really good experience.

Morton’s Bar
Mandarin Oriental Singapore
Fourth Storey
5 Raffles Avenue
Tel: 6339-3740
Monday – Saturday: 5pm - 11pm
Sunday: 5pm - 10pm


Sparkling or Still said...

Could I find out how big are the steak sandwiches?

Apocalypta said...

LOVE the Morton's burger! Try it next time with the house red; it's from Chile the last time I ate there. Mmmmh.