Friday, October 23, 2009


C says:

We met my dad for lunch at ION today, and since my dad has a rather unadventurous palate, that meant no Japanese food or funky street food. We ended up at Canton-i on the third floor – a Cantonese eatery serving everything from roasted meats and wanton noodles, to porridge and dim sum.

We assumed it would be like a generic Crystal Jade sort of place, and were very surprised at how good the food was. I ordered the duck noodles, A had a plain noodle, and we shared a platter of roast pork and char siew, and some dim sum.

Be warned that they describe their plain egg noodles as “wanton noodles” here, so when you order Plain Wanton Noodles, all you get are plain noodles, not even some wanton in the soup. Besides that minor quirk, the noodles were pretty good. They had a good bite to them – nice and springy. We did notice that the sauce served with the dry noodles had a very strange aftertaste, like a hint of coriander, that didn’t exactly wow us, but other than that no complaints. I took a bite of my dad’s beef brisket noodles and they were very good.

They do their roasted meats pretty well. The duck that came with my noodles was tender and very tasty, but it was outshone by the roast pork and especially the char siew. The roast pork nicely seasoned with a thin crisp crackling, and the char siew was glazed with honey and roasted so much that it was almost black and bursting with caramelised goodness. It was also one of the fattiest char siews I’ve ever had, which just added to the incredible flavour.

A ordered the red bean buns, and they came shaped like little piggies! How adorable! This dish would be great for little kids, and it actually tasted pretty good too – very generous with the red bean paste.

We also ordered yam puffs, cos they’re my dad’s favourite dim sum. This was old school wu kok at its best – the filling was deliciously moist, and the fried yam outer layer was light, fluffy and crisp. In contrast, the egg tarts were decent but not as good as everything else.

Prices here aren’t the cheapest – about $20 per person, but quality is excellent. Geez, yet another good food place at ION. We’re too spoilt for choice there now!

A says:

Excellent! Top marks for service and food. And the fattiest char siew I’ve ever had in my life!

#03-14 ION Orchard
2 Orchard Turn
Tel: 6509-8368
Daily: 11 am to 10 pm

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