Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Market @ Central

C says:

Next to Yamakawa Super (that mecca of Japanese snacks) in the basement of Central is a new niche supermarket with all sorts of imported goodies, like funky Special K cereals, pasta sauces and cool brands of chocolates and biscuits that you don’t see in standard supermarkets.

Connected to the supermarket is a small dining area with a pasta and soup counter. Basic pastas go for a mere $8, with a $2 surcharge if you want one of their home-made spinach or squid ink pastas. Top-up another $5.90 for a set which gives you any soup and salad.

We decided to try as much variety as possible, so one of us opted for the set, we had one pasta with their basic tagliatelle, and another with the squid ink tagliatelle. We went with the smoked salmon salad, and the clam chowder. The salad looked pretty basic but the dressing was quite well balanced so this turned out better than expected. I know if it was canned or freshly made, but the chowder was pretty good and quite generous with the clams.

A had the basic tagliatelle with a tomato cream sauce with chicken and sundried tomatoes. I found the sauce a tad too creamy; I would’ve liked slightly more tomato flavour, but the pasta was very well cooked.

I had the squid ink tagliatelle with a bacon, mushroom and cream sauce. I think it’s worth adding the $2 for the squid ink pasta because it adds a depth of flavour that the basic one doesn’t have. Again it was cooked to a perfect al dente. I think next time we’ll try the squid ink pasta with a tomato-based sauce, and maybe the spinach pasta with a cream-based one.

They initially mixed up our order, pairing the squid ink pasta with A’s tomato cream sauce instead. We deliberated just accepting it reluctantly, but before we could decide, the head waiter came back and acknowledged their mistake, and asked if we wanted to change, which we agreed. I know it was their mistake but still, it was good of them to admit it.

Very good value for the quality that you get. Plus you can go shopping at the supermarket and Yamakawa Super while you’re there. What more reason do you need?

A says:

The Pasta & Soup place RAWKS! Cheap and good.

There’s also a Jap food counter here which I might try at some point.

The Market @ Central
#B1-28 The Central
6 Eu Tong Sen Street
Tel: 6222-9060
Sundays to Thursdays: 11am to 10pm
Fridays to Saturdays: 11am to 11pm

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