Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Yidu Ramen – an update

C says:

An update for readers who are keen to try the Yidu Ramen that we wrote about last month – you can now order the noodles from YumTrade, an online grocery. Unfortunately, the store’s minimum order is $60, which is a LOT of ramen. Maybe you can get some friends together and combine orders.

A says:

I bet Naruto could eat $60 worth of ramen.


Anonymous said...

Found out from Yidu's website that it's is available at Compass Point till 16 Oct 08.

Anonymous said...

yidu ramen sucks loh, got cheated, was told is from japan, but is not, is manufactured in china. i still ask the lady(debbie wong) who present me her name card. she say the ramen is from japan only packaging is from china, and i called up yidu ramen (china) was told that they manufacture it locally in China shen zhen, tsk tsk(shake head) such dishonesty, i will never patronise again!!!