Saturday, September 20, 2008

Jane’s Cake Station

C says:

One good thing about A being a TEMPORARY (caps, bold, etc) mai tai is that he’s free during the day to run all sorts of errands. Including moseying up to Jalan Kayu on a Friday afternoon to pick up a cake from Jane’s Cake Station.

We discovered Jane’s years ago, when we fell in love with the cake that an aunt gave us. We went a few times but ultimately it’s so far away (and the opening hours are pretty inconvenient for working folk) that we stopped making the hike for quite a number of years.

Recently, seeing it featured on Makansutra Raw renewed my interest in it, so when A mentioned he was meeting a friend at Jalan Kayu, I immediately thought “Jane’s!!!”, and promptly called to order a cake.

They only do two flavours here – chocolate fudge, and durian cream. No prizes for guessing which one we’re obsessed with. The chocolate fudge cake here is the old school kind, and blows both Lana and Awfully Chocolate right out the window. The cake is incredibly light and moist, the chocolate fudge is sufficiently chocolatey without being too rich, and overall it’s not too sweet.

Instead of selling cakes by weight, here they go by sizes – Small, Medium, and she could have revised it since then, but years ago she had Big, Large and Extra-large, which I thought was hilarious. The small is 8 inches in diameter and costs $30. I’m not sure if she bakes any for over-the counter sales, but with the store being so far away, I wouldn’t take any chances and would recommend that you place an order at least a day in advance. As it is, when I called on Thursday for collection on Friday, the only size they could make in time was the small.

A and I have been chowing down on the cake since we got it, pretty much wrecking our diet and gym-going in the process. Oh well, if there’s anything that’s worth the calories, it’s this.

A says:

Just so no one gets confused, I’m a mai tai as in male tai tai, and not a tropical cocktail.

And I’m still looking for work so if anyone needs a copywriter, let me know.

Back to the review, C told me that people have posted on other local blogs that they find the cake too airy/not sweet enough/etc… My response to that is: “Wah lau eh! That’s what makes it good what!”

Oh, and prepare yourself for a culture shock if you go into the shop. I won’t spoil the surprise but it’s not exactly like any cake shop I’ve ever been into.

Jane’s Cake Station
265 Jalan Kayu
Mon to Sat (closed Wed): 12 noon to 6.30 pm
Sun: 12 noon to 4 pm


Dora said...

Yum...i like chocolatey food!

Anonymous said...

do give choc a bloc a try too! its at bedok north and the chocolate fudge rocks :)

Anonymous said...

yah, just ordered a cake from jane's . Gonna pick it up this saturday. Looks really good.

Anonymous said...

Do give Familie Oven a try...Old school kind of chocolate fudge cake too...but only online...u can check them out at

Anonymous said...

Do try Chef Icon's Chocolate Trovana at Kampong Bahru Road. It's very soft and moist too. Have been going there for years.