Sunday, September 21, 2008

Waroeng Penyet Corner

C says:

Ayam penyet is an Indonesian dish where the chicken (or whatever meat you choose) is smashed flat, although I’m not quite sure why, and usually served with a spicy sambal. I’ve been bemoaning of late that local hawker food has been dumbed down in recent years in terms of spiciness. I’m not sure if my tastebuds have been dulled from years of chilli padi consumption, but even supposedly spicier foods like laksa are pretty bland until you add extra chilli or sambal.

That’s why this really appealed to me. When I first tried this a couple of months ago at the food court opposite A’s parents’ place, I got quite a high from the spicy sambal. (You can opt for the non-spicy version as well)

I was quite looking forward to having it again but somehow the sambal fell a bit flat today. I’m not sure if I’m already used to the kick of the sambal, or perhaps it’s because it’s still Ramadan, and the chefs are fasting and therefore have to rely on memory rather than actually tasting their food.

I’ll probably give this another try, cos there’s nothing else at that food court that I’d like (since we’re boycotting the Astons there). But the chicken has a tendency to be a bit dry, so do request for the chicken thigh, otherwise by default you’ll end up with the breast meat portion.

A says:

I don’t really understand what the initial hype over Ayam Penyet was. I used to have lots of it when I was working around Beach Road. It’s not bad, but given the choice, I’d rather have a Gado Gado.

Waroeng Penyet Corner
Jurong Café Foodcourt
Block 134m #01-309
Jurong East St 13
Tel: 9679-4623

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