Saturday, June 30, 2007

Thai Noodle House

C says:

We just discovered the stretch of eateries along Coronoation Road, right before Coronation Plaza. I always thought there was just a chicken rice stall there, but to our surprise there were about five different eateries, all selling Asian food. We tried Thai Noodle House today, because there was more choice for A than the rest of the joints. It seems fairly authentic – the owner and waitstaff appear to be Thai, and there are photos of the Thai king on the wall.

I ordered the tom yam noodle, and asked for it to be served with tung hoon. They claim that tung hoon is more expensive than regular noodles, so charged an extra $2. To be fair, A-Roy Thai said the same thing as well, so at least they’re not (I think, anyway) trying to pull a fast one. The tom yam noodle wasn’t bad, and I love tom yam soup with tung hoon, but it still doesn’t beat the tom yam noodle at A-Roy Thai. Still, the seafood was nice and fresh.

With so many interesting dishes on offer, like a rice with minced pork and basil leaf, A chose the single most boring thing on the menu – pineapple rice AGAIN. I had to say “I told you so”, because the one here is quite mediocre – pretty bland and not really tasting of anything in particular.

We also had the red ruby but we ordered it to go, so by the time we had it the ice had melted and it was almost lukewarm. Again, can’t beat the one at A-Roy Thai. All in all, this place isn’t spectacular, and I don’t think the food is worth the rather steep prices – our dishes were $8 each. I’d rather head over to A-Roy Thai any day, but I guess this place is worth considering if we ever get an insatiable Thai food craving while we’re in the Bukit Timah area.

A says:

Food is okay, but I’d rather go to A-Roy Thai (tastes better) or Tuk Tuk Thai (cheaper).

Thai Noodle House
5 Coronation Road
#01-03 Coronation Arcade
Tel: 6467-0104
Open daily: 11.30 am to 9.30 pm; closed Mondays

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