Friday, June 01, 2007

Nana Curry

C says:

This is Chinese-style curry at its best. There used to be a branch in the China Square Food Court, but that unfortunately closed down, so the only place that you can have this is at the Amara Hotel Food Court. The fiery curry gravy is the perfect consistency for slurping up, dousing over rice or dunking slices of bread. In fact, the same gravy is used if you order fish, chicken or pork rib curry, and there’s a separate gravy for the mutton. You can choose to have it with rice or slices of baguette. I personally like my curry gravy with rice – there’s something so comforting about eating hot white rice with a good curry gravy. A, ang moh in disguise that he is, of course went with the bread.

I had the chicken drumstick, and A had the pork rib. The chicken was tender and succulent, and had absorbed all the flavours of the gravy. The pork rib was a pleasant surprise – it was meltingly tender and the meat literally just fell off the bone, very surprising considering that pork is generally quite a tough meat.

Nana also sells their curry paste, if you want to whip up some curry at home. I’ve tried it once and it actually didn’t turn out too badly, if you follow the enclosed instructions.

A says:

Good but so hot and spicy that it burnz! My tummy was still trying to cope many hours later. I won’t talk about how my ass handled it.

Nana Homemade Curry
Amara Hotel Food Court
For enquiries, call 6756-4778

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