Friday, May 04, 2007

What would YOUR last meal be?

C says:

Every Sunday I read the interviews in the papers with celebrities, cookbook authors, chefs and the like, and I especially enjoy reading their answers to the question “What would your last meal be?” The answers are sometimes predictable and sometimes a little questionable, but always interesting.

I’ve been meaning to come up with my own list for ages, but actually going through my entire mental food encyclopaedia was just too daunting so I’ve always put it off. Still, I would like to put some sort of list together, so bearing in mind that it’s in a constant state of flux, depending on what random food suddenly springs to mind, here’s what would constitute my ideal last meal.

1) Chicken wings – Possibly the one food that I absolutely can’t resist. Maybe I’ll have a couple of the buffalo wings from Sunset, and another couple of the hawker centre-style wings, a la Huat Huat.

2) Jonker Street satay, from Malacca. This is Chinese satay at its best - both the pork and intestine versions have alternating layers of pork fat; the intestine version is absolutely fabulous when slightly burnt.

3) Aburi-toro sushi (seared fatty tuna sushi) – I’m surprised that this made the list, but I suddenly thought of the sushi we had at Sushi Tei, and that initial bliss when I bit into the seared tuna belly sushi and it both melted and imparted a charred smoky flavour at the same time.

4) Valentino’s Lobster Pasta with Pink Sauce – This initially wasn’t on A’s list but when I mentioned it, he decided he wanted some of mine too.

5) Roast Kurobuta pork belly with crackling - essentially, high-end gourmet siew yoke

6) Krispy Kreme Original Glazed – Need I say more.

A says:

- Starter of Insalata Caprese (salad of tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella and olive oil) with Smoked salmon
- Slice of pizza with parma ham, mushrooms, beef, garlic and extra cheese
- Iggy’s Burger
- Salmon Mayo sushi
- Valentino’s Live Lobster Pasta
- Original Glazed Krispy Kreme
- New Zealand Natural Chocolate Extreme Shake


Anonymous said...

hmph so my mum's rockin butter cake didnt make the list - i'm telling her to drop you from HER list ;) LM

Anonymous said...

Very depressing to think of my last meal.

I haven't come up with my own list, but the first two items that occurred to me were bah kwa and chocolate-covered raisins.

(Maybe it's because I've had dinner, and am not very hungry, so these snack-type foods came up.)