Saturday, May 19, 2007

Fatty’s BBQ Wings, Newton Circus

C says:

Ahhhh…. Bliss…. I had a chicken wing craving again today, so we headed over to Newton. This is my first visit to Newton since the major renovations, and I must say I’m pleasantly surprised. We managed to find parking although it was 7.30 pm on a Saturday night, and got an empty table fairly quickly without needing one of the seafood bbq touts to score one for us. It helped that it was a fairly cool night, as well.

The place is much cleaner and airier now, with the centre section nicely landscaped. Don’t expect much variety though, because about 80% of the stalls sell seafood bbq. Still, we were there for one thing and one thing only – bbq chicken wings!! There are about 4 stalls selling such wings, with 2 that looked more prominent – Fatty’s BBQ Wings and Otah, and Weng’s Chicken Wings. I decided to go with Fatty’s this time.

We ordered 10 chicken wings between the two of us, and nothing else. At first when the plate arrived piled high, we got a little worried that we ordered too much. However, these are seriously addictive, and slowly but surely we polished off each and every one. I dare say these are better than the ones at Glutton’s Bay. They’re more savoury and less sweet, and the chili sauce is tangier and more garlicky.

Next time (probably next week…) I’ll try the other stall – Weng’s Chicken Wings. I’ll either order all from Weng’s, or maybe order a few stalls and do a taste test.

A says:

It’s pretty good. I’m not the chicken wing fanatic that C is so I have nothing further to add.

Fatty’s BBQ Wings
Newton Circus Hawker Centre
Stall 40

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