Saturday, May 26, 2007

Newton Circus Chicken Wings: Taste Test

C says:

Still dreaming about last week’s chicken wings, today I decided to head back to Newton to do a taste test of the 2 chicken wing stalls – Weng’s and Fatty’s BBQ that we had last week.

These are Weng’s Chicken Wings:

And these are Fatty’s:

The verdict was so clear that it wasn’t even fun – Fatty’s wins hands down. Weng’s wings were overdone and a little dry, and flat-tasting. Fatty’s on the other hand were juicy and succulent, and much better seasoned – sweet and tart at the same time. Plus, Fatty’s chilli sauce has lime/lemon, which works better with the wings than Weng’s garlic chilli sauce.

I’m glad we did a comparison. Now I can make a beeline for Fatty’s right away.

A says:

Fatty’s wings are definitely better. I prefer Weng’s garlicky chili though.

Fatty’s BBQ Wings
Newton Circus Hawker Centre
Stall 40

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