Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Tiong Bee Bak Kut Teh

C says:

S told us to try this bak kut teh place at Jalan Datoh, off Balestier Road, and let her know how we compare it to Founder. It’s located in a little corner coffee shop, and when we came here on Wednesday, the other famous stall in the coffee shop, a bak chor mee stall, was closed for the New Year, so all we had was the bak kut teh.

I think we’ve definitely been spoilt by Founder, because it’s become our benchmark and unfortunately this place didn’t come close. We ordered the long pork ribs as well, and they weren’t anywhere near the juiciness and tenderness of the Founder ones. The soup wasn’t bad but it was more sweet than peppery, and I much prefer the peppery heat of the Founder soup; gives it so much more kick. The giam chye also fell short, and the kuay chap we ordered wasn’t spectacular either.

Given that it costs more than Founder, I think the decision is quite clear – Founder is definitely our pick for really good bak kut teh.

Random comment – dang Chinese New Year… everything in the area was closed. The bak chor mee stall, and ALL the tau sar piah shops along Balestier as well. Bummer.

A says:

It’s the same price as Founder but there’s very little meat on the bak kut teh and there’s no character. This place is really not worth it.

Tiong Bee Bak Kut Teh
Jalan Datoh
Teck Seng Coffee Shop

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