Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Home Cookin’, again

C says:

Happy Valentine’s Day, and happy anniversary to atetoomuch! Yes, it was a year ago today that we had our very first post; time really flies! True to tradition, we stayed in again this year, and once again I attempted to recreate our Tamade dinner of old.

We started out with a salad of Japanese cucumbers with a garlic soy dressing.

Next was the steak with aglio olio pasta.

I wasn’t very pleased with the pasta – I horribly overcooked it and it ended up soft and mushy. The steaks though, were great, though no credit at all goes to me for them. Once again, I got them from The Butcher, at Chip Bee in Holland Village – the Eye Fillet steak, which is essentially the tenderloin. These by far are the best steaks I’ve bought in Singapore, even after trying Swiss Butchery, Esprito Santo and Isetan Supermarket. The meat is exquisitely sweet, and the texture incredibly fine. It still had plenty of flavour, notwithstanding that it was a tenderloin, a cut that’s renowned for tenderness but lacking in flavour. All I had to do was season them with salt and pepper right before cooking, and they turned out pretty good. Idiot-proof!

For dessert, I made molten chocolate lava cakes, and had them with Haagen-Daaz vanilla ice cream. I wanted Ben & Jerry’s, but A prefers the synthetic sweetness of Haagen-Daaz, and since this was my Valentine’s Day dinner to him…

The cakes were a bit too oozy for my liking, but at least they held their shape. I used some milk chocolate together with the dark, which was a mistake. Next time, it’s dark chocolate all the way.

Well, this has been certainly been an incredibly fun year. Watch this space, cos we’ll just keep on eating too much. : )

A says:

I love the woman who cooks for me, drags me out of bed and gets me to work every morning, manages my schedule and gives me the sweet, sweet lovin’.

Oh, btw, the beef RAWKED!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, A... you're so sweet!