Saturday, February 03, 2007

Noodle House Ken

C says:

We came here for lunch on Saturday and I was all geared up for the stewed egg ramen again that I had the last time but AAARRGGHHH the stewed egg wasn’t ready yet. I ended up having the cha siew ramen which was still pretty good but dang, I really wanted the stewed egg…

Still, I must say they were incredibly generous with the cha siew. There were three huge slices, and I do mean huge. Check them out in the pic. I expected the pork to be quite tough but it literally melted in my mouth.

A had the cold noodle, since he really seems to have a thing for cold noodles. I tried a mouthful and all I seemed to taste was the sesame sauce. Then A told me to try it with the mustard, and sure enough a tiny smidgen brought it to a whole new level. Still not something I’d voluntarily order, but an interesting combination nonetheless.

Since we last came here, Ken’s has expanded. It used to be just a tiny, slightly grubby corner shop and you ate along an L-shaped counter facing the kitchen. But today that shop was packed, and they brought us to an annex one store down, where they’ve now got a rather posh-looking unit. While I’m glad they’re doing well, I think the new annex takes the charm out of the place a little. I liked my previous experience than the generic Jap restaurant premises that we were in today.

This place opens till late though (2 am), so maybe it’s a better idea to come at dinner time. If nothing else, the stewed egg should be ready by then.

A says:

What always surprises me about this place is that the service is really good.
And although the authentic hole-in-the-wall feel at the counter area is fun, I’m pretty happy we got the nice air-conditioned seating. It just makes my favourite ramen place even better. Especially now that I know I can choose between the miso ramen and the cold ramen. The Gyoza we had was really good too, but not really worth $5 for 5 pieces.

Noodle House Ken
150 Orchard Road
#01-17/18 Orchard Plaza
Tel: 6235-5540
Weekdays: 12pm – 2pm; 6pm – 2am
Saturday: 12pm – 3pm; 6pm – 2am
Closed on Sundays

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