Friday, February 02, 2007


C says:

I’m now convinced that the amuse bouche of pumpkin puree with sesame tofu is a standard set lunch item. Today was our third time here and we had it again. Can’t possibly be coincidence a third time, can it?!

For starters, I decided to have the capellini; not the one with the sakura ebi that I had on our first visit, but a squid ink capellini with char-grilled baby octopus. Wow… the squid ink sauce provided quite a rich, deep flavour hit (maybe that’s what the Japanese term umami refers to), and the octopus was slightly chewy but had a nice charred flavour. I could have eaten about five times more, but I shared half with A because his starter wasn’t quite up his alley. Random aside: they considerately provided a wet towel for me to clean the inevitable black stains (very Goth) from my lips.

A’s starter was a grilled oyster mushroom with foie gras croutons and salad. It looked almost like a slice of bruschetta in its presentation. The foie gras cubes were wonderful, and went together with the earthy, almost meaty taste and texture of the oyster mushroom really well. Still, the capellini was definitely the better of the two.

I had my usual moral dilemma of whether to have the Iggy’s burger, or try something new. Today’s menu made the decision for me, though. The other choices were a grilled seabass (no way), or kurobuta pork schnitzel, and I wasn’t particularly keen on having tonkatsu at Iggy’s. So the burger it was, yet again, and no regrets; it was still as incredible the third time around. We decided to take a photo to show you just how tiny the burger really is – here it is in my hand:

We went quite avant garde in our dessert choices today. I had the Bellini – a martini glass with layers of champagne jelly, peach cubes, peach (with a hint of champagne, perhaps?) sorbet, and elderberry foam. This was a lot better than I expected. Very refreshing and a very interesting take on a Bellini (a cocktail made with peach puree and champagne/sparkling wine).

A decided to forego the usual lava cake and had a soymilk crème caramel with black sesame ice cream. The crème caramel was actually pretty good, not too sweet and a perfect texture, but the black sesame ice cream was quite ordinary yet quite strongly flavoured, overpowering the subtle crème caramel.

This is actually a really good place for lunch. If you have the 3-course set, you can pretty be in and out in an hour flat.

A says:

The burger is still the best I’ve ever had. I realize that while the patty is amazing, what pushes it to the gastronomic stratosphere is the cheese-like stuff on top (C says: It’s truffle sabayon, you twat!).

I think that next time I’ll go for a noodley appetizer. Those tend to be the best.

Level 3, The Regent Hotel
1 Cuscaden Road
Tel: 6732-2234
Lunch (weekdays): 12 noon to 2 pm
Dinner: 7 pm to 10 pm

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