Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Student Eating

A says:

C abandoned me for yoga so I decided to save some time and money by going back to eating what I used to as a poor college student. That being said, I had 4 slices of plain bread with ketchup. I’d usually supplement that with a slice of Kraft American Cheese but since we had some leftover Camembert, I finished that off instead.

Side note: There was a picture of a cow on the cheese container and a sticker on the back saying “Made from goat’s milk”. Bloody mis-rep!

Had some of C’s cookies for dessert and washed it down with a glass of milk. Took all of 10 seconds to get dinner ready and a minute to clean up. Super easy, super cheap and super light. Think I should have more of these.

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Anonymous said...

No wonder you two eat out so often.