Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Fish & Chips at Parkway Parade

A says:

Finally! The East has something to redeem itself. I spent part of my childhood living in Katong and fondly recall how fun Parkway Parade was when it first opened. But we were forced to flee during the war and the whole place went to hell. My occasional sojourns back left me feeling empty at the soulless place it had become.

So it is with great joy that I report of the renewed vitality that has returned to the mall of my youth. Once more, one can find delightful curios that tickle the senses and prickle the imagination.

Anyway… Fish & Chips at basement food court BEST! Be sure to ask for vinegar. There’s also a New Zealand Natural ice cream kiosk on ground floor where you can get an EXTREME shake! Sedap!

C says:

Nice shops… retail therapy… I like…

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