Sunday, March 12, 2006

Ichiban Boshi

C says:

We went to the branch at the basement of Great World City on Friday night, with the intention of buying some raw tuna to make carpaccio over the weekend. Unfortunately by the time we finished our dinner, the fish market section of the place was shut, sigh.

Fortunately it wasn’t a wasted trip. The food here is better than expected and very affordable. Most of the sushi items were $1.90 per plate of 2, and the range of dishes is astounding. Almost all the standard items are in the $1.90 range, including the handrolls, and only a select number of ‘premium’ sushi and sashimi items are in the $5.30 bracket. This is unlike other sushi places, where maybe 5 items are $1.90, and practically everything else is $2.90, $3.90 etc.

Apart from the usual suspects like the salmon and tuna sushis, some stand-out items are a seared salmon sushi – slices of salmon seared on one side, with some grated ginger and spring onions on sushi rice. Yummy! A bowl of fried crispy salmon skin served with mayo was another winner in my book, but A wasn’t as impressed as I was with that. Another item that was interesting, but took AGES to arrive, was a tuna salad sushi that was further wrapped in popiah skin and deep fried.

We ordered a portion of the cod with special sauce, but the special sauce turned out much saltier than we expected. It was a good thing we had some leftover rice from the Unagi-Don, or it would’ve been pretty overwhelming.

I think this place excels more in its wide variety of affordable sushis, than in their a la carte menu items. In fact, I’m already thinking of our next visit and what other different types of sushi I’m going to try next.

A says:

Damn cheap and good! Definitely best sushi place in Singapore for that price range.


Anonymous said...

Hey A&C,

J&K (with J's sis) went to Waraku for dinner last night (Sunday). Pretty good jap food but a little pricey. J had the Tonkatsu Wazen which is a tonkatsu (deep fried pork) which comes with a noodle dish - either udon or soba. I picked udon which is served in a delightful broth. It also comes with potato salad and pickles. I believe it was $15 for the set. Really good value for money, that one.

Still, I believe that the best deals at Waraku are over lunch. J&K had lunch there recently and the food was great. Certainly more value for money since they have really affordable lunch sets which give you the option to mix-and-match, to some extent at least.

That said, we love Ichiban Boshi. It's a great jap outlet and the food is one of the cheapest around which is great since the restaurant doesn't compromise on quality. The downside to all this is the waiting time. Queues to Ichiban Boshi at GWC can take a long time and even when you're there, the food isn't served immediately though J believes that good food, like all other things, come to those who wait.

Anonymous said...

We used to go there (the cuppage and east coast ones) back when it was called Sento. Went quite often with my friends until one of them got severe food poisoning there.

On a separate note, A finds J's tendency to refer to himself in the 3rd person rather alarming.

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