Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Peperoni revisited

C says:

Ok, must admit that what my cousin C said (in the comment to the first Peperoni post) is true. When we went that day, we waited quite a long time for the waitress to notice/bother with us, and we were finally shown to a table without much of a smile. But once the food came we kinda forgot about the poor service.On Friday night after watching a concert, we called them to order a takeout pizza and said we’d drop by to collect it in about 15 minutes. We ordered half and half – half Funghi (button, shitake and porcini mushrooms) and half Suprema (pork and chicken sausages and chillies). When I went to collect it, I realized the person who took my call made a mistake, and gave us half Funghi and half Parma Ham instead. We were hungry and it was too late to ask them to make another one so we took it grudgingly. Turned out to be pretty good though, even though it was quite cold by the time we ate it.

A says:

The pizza still rocked though. The ang moh that runs the place was nice to us last time. Maybe she’s the only non snotty one.

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Anonymous said...

I'm not much of a pizza fan but I will say that I've a funny attraction to cold pizza. No, I don't mean frozen pizza - just pizza which is no longer hot from the oven. There's something interesting about it, almost meaty in fact. Consumed with a cold beer (or a can of coke, if you prefer)... 'cool' pizza can be quite good.